Building Your Career and Business Success with Emotional Branding

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Build your personal brand with emotional branding

When looking to advance your career and improve the impact of your personal brand look to successful companies and see what you can learn from them. Study successful brands to learn what you can extract and apply to you or your business.  

When you look at the most successful corporate brands what makes them so successful? Emotional Connection. A successful corporate brand makes a strong emotional connection with its audience, the consumer. The same is true personal brands. When you're looking for a new job, this emotional matching is part of the "job fit".

Let's examine Coke, widely recognized as the most valuable brand in the world. By it own admission, Coke is essentially nothing more than fizzy sugar water. If you're reading this, surely you have something more unique to offer the world. 

So, what makes Coke so special, and as a result valuable? As a company they do an amazing job at connecting the brand to joy and being happy. Most recently the Coca Cola company has brought this branding forward with its theme "Open Happiness".  There's the Happiness Truck, the Happiness Store, and the Happiness Machine.

Here is a short commercial clip of the Happiness Machine. When you're watching the video observe how the people in the video respond. Pay attention to how you feel watching the video clip.

Wherever there is an opportunity to associate the Coke with a happy moment, they are there. As in this video, they are even able to create moments of happiness that spread. Imagine the ripple effect that occurred promoting happiness and Coke following this episode with the Happiness Machine.

Would you like to have that affect on people? As an individual with a personal brand you want to develop your brand so that you can have an impact on people emotionally. You want to be able to resonate with the emotions of people who you want to buy your service. Understanding your clients and their needs will help you create the connection you need to be successful. 

How do you make this connection? It starts with first knowing and understanding you personal brand, then knowing your audience or target market and then learning what impact you are actually having. When you are looking for job, a new sales opportunity or a promotion, knowing your brand and needs (physical, emotional and spiritual) of the people who you are appealing to will help you to craft your resume, proposal and your daily actions. Then find out whether you are actually having the impact you want or not.

What is one action you can start doing now that will help you have the impact on other that you want?



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