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career strategy interviewing purpose tips May 03, 2010
In a job interview both sides should be looking for passion about the work

Whether you are an interviewer or are being interviewed the key characteristic to look for in a candidate is whether they are passionate about the work the position has to offer. 

For the candidate, a genuine interest in the position and the work involved is often times the deciding factor between candidates who have similar skills. What job candidates often fail to realize is that that most people being brought in for an interview have very similar skill levels or at least that during an interview it will be difficult to tell the difference between the skills levels of each of the candidates. What will separate the candidates then?  There are several factors that contribute to a successful interview, however one that usually stands out, even if the interviewer isn't aware of it, is how passionate or interested the candidate is in the work. In fact, interest can be more important than technical skill levels if a threshold is met.  Why is this the case? Someone who is passionate about what they are doing will be more engaged in the work, less likely to leave and be more productive. Such a candidate will also be happy working and spread that happiness around the office.

I have also seen interviewers who either don't know or don't believe that interest or passion is a critical factor in predicting future success of the candidate in the role. These interviewers are still likely to be influenced by the enthusiasm of the passionate candidate. They may also settle for someone who is technically capable, but ends up not fitting in the organization well or may have just mediocre results.

For both the candidate and the interviewer/employer finding a position that you feel passionate about is the best of all worlds. Work seems fun rather than laborious. The days just fly by.

Following your passion does lead to greater success, in both your professional and personal life. Understanding your values, purpose and mission will help you get there if you act on them. Career coaching can help you identify and develop your values, purpose and mission.

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