Career Development: Are You Chasing the Wrong Career Goal? The House

career development Jun 23, 2011
are you chasing wrong career goal? Tony Alessandra's house story

Last week I shared a story, Career Development: Are You Chasing The Wrong Goal? Pocket Knife Story, where I shared how I watched a woman go from person to person asking for a pocket knife. When she worked her way to me I asked her why she needed only, only to find out what she really needed was a something to write with. The story illustrated how we can get caught chasing the wrong goal and also the power of working with a coach who can ask the right questions for you.

As it happens I found this story by one of the top personal development speakers, Dr. Tony Alessandra that has a similar theme. In this story, Dr. Alessandra relates how a great real estate agent looked to what his client really needed rather than what the client thought they wanted. The agent didn't impose a solution. Rather the agent used coaching questions to draw out more information to find a better solution. By questioning his client, the real estate agent was able to produce better options to meet the client's needs. Take a few minutes to listen to Tony share this story.  

 How does this story relate to your career, career plan or trajectory? What options might you be missing because you're not talking with someone who knows how to help you distinguish what you really need?


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