Celebrating the 4th of July: Are You Maximizing Your Opportunities?

career development personal development Jul 04, 2011
Are you maximizing your opportunties?

Happy 4th of July! 

The 4th of July is a time when Americans celebrate the birth of our country over 200 years ago. And regardless of ones politics, most Americans as well as pretty much all of the people I talk with from around the world appreciate the opportunities of success and self-determination that Americans have. Even though sometimes it seems like others are more in control of our destiny than we are ultimately we still have more control and say over our lives and career than we realize.

On this 4th of July I'd like to challenge all of you, American or not, to examine your life and your career and ask yourself:

"Am I making the most of my opportunities?"

No matter where you live there are opportunities for you to have the life and career you want. Often we get side tracked by the events in our lives or even feeling helpless or powerless to create the life we want. While it is true you can't control the world and events that occur, you do have 100% control over how you respond. Most of us don't understand what this really means or dismiss it until we meet someone who "gets it" and can "explain it". How do you know if you are making the most of your opportunities? Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are my personal values?
  • How do I want my life to look and be balanced between its different parts (family, work, friends, spirituality, etc.)?
  • Where do I want my career to be going?
  • Am I getting there as fast as I can given all of the other things I need to balance?
  • Am I running my career like a business? A successful business?
  • Do I know and live my personal brand?
  • Is my resume up to date?
  • Am I learning what I need in order to advance my career?

If you feel you could be doing more but you're not sure how or you feel that it's just not possible because "the world doesn't work that way" you are a good candidate to work with a coach. A good coach can help you see the possibilities that are right in front of you that you are likely missing because you feel the way you do. It may be as simple as giving you another perspective. Or perhaps increasing your self-awareness though Energy Leadership coaching. Regardless of what the answer is, you owe it to yourself to be the best you can be. If you think you can do better than you're doing, what's holding you back?

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