Create Your Own Personal Success Library

books personal development Apr 05, 2010
Build a personal success library

One of the ways you can help propel your own success is to build your own personal success library.  I mean more than just buying books, cddvds or downloads about personal and professional development. I mean dedicate a shelf to the resources that you are building. 

By gathering all of your professional and personal development materials in one special place you are further enhancing your ability to achieve greater success more quickly.  First of all, you giving success a special place of honor, both physically and psychologically. When the materials you've invested in to bring you success are treated well and with respect and honor you are also treating your own success with respect and honor, increasing the likelihood and speed at which you will attain what you want.  Additionally, by gathering all of the material in a single place your brain will start to make connections between the material that you've read, watched or listened to, further enhancing your learning experience. And, of course, you'll also know where to find what you want when you need - a hallmark of success.

Try it out and let  us know what your experience is, even just gathering all of the materials together.  Did it spark any memories?  Inspire any new ideas? Inspire you to make a change?

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