Creating Your Best Resume: Hiring a Resume Writer or Resume Coach

career development resumes Apr 21, 2011
create your best resume - resume writer or resume coach

When was the last time you updated your resume? Are you working on it now?  Have you thought of hiring a resume writer or resume coach to help you? Do you question the value of hiring someone to help you with your resume? Do you think resume writers offer no value or that it's impossible to find one who will do a good job?

These are all excellent questions. Here is something to consider: An ok resume will get you an interview with an ok firm doing an ok job. An excellent job will get you an interview for an excellent position with an excellent company. Additionally, as a result you are likely to earn more, $1000s if not $10,000s more per year. (Remember, resumes are for getting you an interview, the interview is for closing the deal and getting a job offer).

Now, the question is, can you write an excellent resume yourself or should you seek some professional assistance. After all, if you were launching a product in the market, would you like marketing professionals to help position it and get word out? Your resume is your marketing material.

If you see the value of getting some professional assistance, how do you tell who to hire? There are lots of resume writers out there. You will also see a lot of dissatisfaction with resume writers.  Today I came across this excellent article, 3 Signs You Need to Break Up with Your Resume Writer written by Ilona Vanderwoude. The article includes a great discussion about what to look out for. Of course, the first one is essentially "You get what you pay for".

In today's job environment personal branding is key for two reasons. First, with a strong personal brand you will focus on exactly the right job for you. Second, you will be able to communicate your value and why you are the right person for the job because it will be aligned with your personal brand. Stop sending out dozens or hundreds of resumes. Send just a few for exactly the positions you want. Your odds will go up greatly.

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