Discovering and Living on Purpose

personal development purpose Jul 08, 2009
Discover and live on purpose

Do you want to be successful? The single most important thing you can do to successful, however you define it, is to know and live your purpose. Listen to what any of the great success writers and speakers have to say. Listen carefully, because some use different words or only hint at it. Whether you’re listening to Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich, Brian Tracy, Tony Alessandra or Jim White, knowing and living your purpose will bring you exactly what you need in terms of relationships, wealth and resources.

The reason most of us struggle through life is we don’t really know our purpose. Throughout our entire schooling process you learn all kinds of skills, but never anything about who you are. Even worse, we often have other people’s views of who we are or who we should be pushed upon us. Without a strong understanding of who we are often times we take those views on. But they usually don’t fit, and so we struggle with unhappy jobs, relationships and more. You know you are working with your purpose when you feel passionate about what you are doing. Your work doesn’t seem like work, you just doing something you enjoy. Work doesn’t seem like work. You engage so fully that you can lose all track of time.

What is purpose and is it different from your mission? Your purpose is aligned with everything that comes naturally to you and that makes you happy to do it. Work doesn’t seem like work, it’s just fun. It’s different from a mission, because you can be given a mission or decide on one and execute it regardless of you interest in it.

Tony Alessandra discusses purpose and mission on in an article, You Need a Clearly Defined Mission to Be Successful. In this article Tony discusses knowing and living a mission that comes from the heart. This is his way of describing the same concept as purpose. He gives some great examples as well. It’s a good, short read. I hope you enjoy it.

About a year ago I decided to enroll in a seminar with Dr. Jim White to learn what he had to say about finding my purpose. It was a 12 week teleseminar with good focused work to during the week. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical at first, but as I worked through the program I could see the value. In fact, that work I did with his seminar is partly why I’ve started blogging and doing business around helping others achieve success. My purpose is to help individuals and business to excel by providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve their greatest success. I’m still working developing my strategies and practices to just that. Having that focused knowledge though is the first step.

What’s your purpose? Are you on your way to living your purpose?


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