Features or Value Proposition: How Well Is Your Resume Marketing You?

personal branding personal values resumes tips Sep 20, 2010
Features or benefits what is your value proposition

Is your resume or CV getting you the interviews or clients you believe you should be getting based on your education and experience? Could you be getting more interviews or client meetings?

A key success strategy in working with your resume, CV or bio is to clearly articulate and link your Personal Value Proposition to the hiring manager(s) or hiring organization. Most resumes list a series of features and hope the hiring manager can make the connection as to why your features are better than everyone else's for the position.  

If you're reading this article you either know or are wondering about whether there is something more you can do. The answer is probably "Yes".  Let's first look at the distinction between features and value added using first a product and then information that might be on your resume

Product Features vs Value Added

To understand the difference consider a household product like laundry detergent. The features of the detergent include qualities like:

  • liquid or powder
  • color
  • scent

The value proposition might be:

  • Look your best in brighter colors and whiter whites
  • Sleep better with crisp, clean sheets

Features vs. Value Added on Resumes

When I work with clients on their resumes, some of the Features I see on their resume of bio might include:

  • Received MBA from top Business School
  • Consultant for Big 4 firm
  • Led team of 5 people
  • Saved $5 million by creating a financial model

This is all good and important information to have, just like when you buy laundry detergent you want to know if it's a liquid or powder, does it contain bleach, etc. The features are what establish your basic credibility to even be considered for the job (or purchase). But what makes you pick Detergent A over Detergent B? More importantly, what gets your resume picked over someone else's for that crucial next step?

It's the value proposition and your ability to connect your value proposition to what the hiring manager is looking for.

Some possible Value Propositions

  • Skilled at leveraging staff to reduce costs and increase profit margins
  • Enable staff to excel by eliminating roadblocks to success through coaching
  • Builds trust with clients as a result of strong sense of honor and loyalty.

What are examples of features and value propositions for you?

Do you know your brand, your features and your value proposition?

Contact us if you would like to better understand how personally branding your resume can help you get an interview.

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