Friday's Rocket Fuel: Take a Break

friday rocket fuel life Jun 10, 2011
Friday's Rocket Fuel: Take a Break

When was the last time you did nothing? I mean just sat back and relaxed and did nothing. No Work. No TV. No Reading. No Talking. No Planning. Nothing. For some of you reading this that would be a hard challenge. You're so used to DOING you don't know how not to be doing anything.

Sure maybe you can do nothing for a few minutes, but then you mind starts to engage: What chores need doing? What can I do to get ready for the work week? What else do I need to do today? What's for dinner? What do I need to pick up at the store? This weekend set aside 30-60 minutes to try to do nothing. Make note of what comes to mind during this time. Just write it down so your mind can let go of it.

How long can you go before your mind starts to get filled with work of one kind or another? What if you try again, can you go longer? What comes to mind during these times can tell you a lot about your experience and what's holding you back from being successful. A good coach can help you work through your thoughts, prioritize and start implementing solutions.

Try it out right now. Set aside some time this weekend when you can have some quiet time to yourself. And let us know how it went.

What was your experience?

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