Friday's Career Rocket Fuel: The Forces Acting on Your Career

career development Feb 11, 2011
Friday Rocket Fuel: the Forces Acting On Your Career

Making a list of all of the factors that influence your career direction and status can be very liberating and a great first step toward getting the career and success that you want for yourself. Be honest with yourself and refrain from holding back. The hardest ones to list are often times the ones we don’t want to admit to and are holding us back the most. Think for a moment about why it’s hard to write it down. Do you feel embarrassed? Ashamed? Afraid? Something else?  It is ok to feel that way. 

Take out a piece of paper or on your computer open a document or file and spend 5 minutes just writing down all the forces that have acted on and those that are continuing to act on you career development.  Write down everything that comes to mind, even if you dismiss it, include it on your list to think about later.

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