Friday's Rocket Fuel 1: Discovering Your Personal Brand

friday rocket fuel personal branding Jan 14, 2011
Friday's Rocket Fuel - Personal Branding

Today I launch a new series: Friday's Rocket Fuel. Every Friday Success Rockets will provide a quick career boost tip. Feel free to comment an offer your own tips as well.

Rocket Fuel 1: Discovering your personal brand is the first step toward having a more fulfilling career and life.

The short version of what a personal brand is "Your Unique Promise of Value". 

Defining your unique promise of value takes some work exploring what really makes you tick and what makes you special. It's everything from your values and vision to skills and even what you see as your shortcomings. 

What are you doing discover your personal brand or enhance and deepen your understanding of your personal brand?

Learn the 7 Steps to build a successful career regardless of the turmoil and disruption of the 21st Century. Download this comprehensive guide now! 

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