Friday's Rocket Fuel: Build Your LinkedIn Profile

career development personal branding tips Mar 04, 2011
Friday's Rocket Fuel: Build your LinkedIn profile

Your career success will increasingly depend on your social media presence. Employers will find you by searching social media sites, like LinkedIn and Facebook. I search LinkedIn frequently to find people qualified to work in my consulting group. Too many times I find profiles that have almost no information about the person. Sometimes I find someone with a great profile- one that describes their unique value proposition and how that has played out through their career.

What is the condition of your LinkedIn profile? Does your profile at a minimum reflect your work experience like a resume and, even better, a personally branded resume? Take some time this weekend to fill out your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Tip:

Set Your "Public Profile" link to be just your name after the /in/. The default settings may include your name and a series of numbers. If your name alone isn't available, use a dash (-) or underscore (_), middle initial. For example, you can connect with me at:

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