Friday's Rocket Fuel: Replace Your Limiting Beliefs, Increase Success

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Friday Rocket Fuel- Replace Limiting Beliefs to Incease Success

All of us hold ourselves back, often unknowingly, by what we believe to be true but is not necessarily so. Limiting beliefs are "truths" we accept about life, ourself, others or the world around us that hold us back, or limit us, in some way.

Examples of limiting beliefs for some people include: I am an introvert, if I give a speech people with laugh at me, the world is a dog eat dog place, etc.

A limiting belief is something you believe and it is preventing you from taking action and as a result is draining your energy every time you face that situation. Even worse, the limiting belief is getting in the way of your success. The good news is that to success all you need to do is replace the belief!  For example, people will applaud me when I give a speech.

Weekend Activity:

  1. Identify Your Limiting Beliefs
  2. How is each one holding you back?
  3. For each limiting belief, what are at least 3 other valid beliefs that could be true instead and help you succeed? 
  4. Choose one to change?
  5. Turn around your limiting belief to one that affirms or gives you permission to act, feel or be the way that will lead to your success.
  6. Put your new belief into action.

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