Friday's Rocket Fuel: Vision Your Success

friday rocket fuel leadership development success vision statement May 20, 2011
Friday's Rocket Fuel - Vision Your Success

If you want to be successful, one of the most power things you can do is invest some time in creating a clear vision or picture in your mind, and even literally make a picture, of what your successful life looks like. The more clear your vision is, the more you will consciously and unconsciously work to bring your life into alignment with that picture.

Here's a weekend activity for you: Create a vision board.

  1. Get some paper - preferably some poster paper, but any will do.
  2. Draw pictures or cut out pictures from a magazine that illustrate your successful life. Include places you may go, your home, your family, your job. Any part of your life.
  3. Put this "vision board" somewhere that you can see it every day and make a connection to it.

Have fun doing this. No need to be perfect. Your vision board can grow and evolve as you do. The important thing is to start!

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