Friday's Rocket Fuel: Write Your Ideal Job Description!

career strategy friday rocket fuel jobs May 06, 2011
Write your ideal description

One way to differentiate yourself as well as propel yourself to success is to write a job description for your ideal job. Go ahead and write out all of the qualities of your ideal job. Make your job description as real as possible, including:

  • Job Title
  • Responsibilities
  • Corporate Culture
  • Salary and Benefits
  • Travel Requirements

Until you define your ideal job you won't really know what to be looking for. Also, employers are often willing to work with people to create the right position. Very few jobs have requirements that are set in stone. If you don't ask for what you want, you will be very lucky if you ever find it. Successful leaders define their career path and look for ways to make it happen. Once you start focusing on your ideal job you may be surprise how quickly you find it.

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