Giving Thanks: A Critical Step for Personal Growth and Success

career development leadership development soft skills Nov 23, 2009
Giving thanks in the right way can improve your career

Bob Nicoll, author of Remember the Ice and Other Paradigm Shifts, posted on his blog, Ice Chips (#39 on 11/20/2009) some great advice on the power of saying "Thank You." 

As I considered Bob's advice on using the words "thank you" as the beginning of a full sentence I started to understand the power giving thanks in this way for both the giver and the recipient. In fact I have made a conscious effort to thank people in this way for several days and can see the affect on me.

First of all, by using "thank you" in a full sentence I became more fully aware and present in my own gratitude. My expressions became more authentic and heart felt. Rather than and automatic "thanks" I actually had to put some thought into what I was thankful for.  As I continued to thank people in this way, I also came to realize that what I was thanking people for was really just on the surface and that there really was something more deep that I was grateful for than just the act that someone did. 

For example, look at this progression for thanking my spouse for cooking dinner. Think about the impact that giving thanks in this way might have on both you and recipient.

  • Thanks for dinner.
  • Thanks for cooking dinner.
  • Thank you for cooking dinner. 
  • Thank you for taking time out of your day to help me be strong and healthy.
  • Thank you for taking the time and care to provide me with a delicious way of being strong and healthy.

As the giver of thanks, this helps to clarify for you what you are grateful for and also build a greater appreciation for the other person. You will feel better about the other person.

The recipient will also have a deeper and more personal experience with you. He or she will feel more appreciated because you've conveyed a deeper understanding of the effort that was made to help you. 

As a tool for personal development and greater success in your life, this is a relatively simple tool you can put into practice. Start trying it now. Let me know what you experience with it is, and feel free to share your experience with others by posting a reply.

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