Navigating Organizational Change with Personal Branding

leadership development personal branding Jun 29, 2011
Navigating Organizational Change with Personal Branding

Every day I talk or exchange emails with people who are frustrated with all of the change they are experiencing in their workplace. Many times their frustration is so high they are ready to quit.  Have you ever felt that way? I have.

How do you know if the frustration you are feeling means you should look for another job or stick it out? After all there's a lot of change going on everywhere and you don't want to go from the frying pan into the fire. How do you sort out all of the options. How do you tell the difference between some short term inconvenience and something that's just going to suck the life out of you slowly for years? How do you get through the jungle of information and choices to come out successful and confident you did the right thing?

I'll tell you right now that I can't answer these questions for you. And neither can anyone else. However, what I can do is help you tell you the difference so you can make the right decision for you. Your decision is a whole lot easier too if you really know and understand your personal brand.

Knowing your personal brand will help you:

  • Find sources of enjoyment with your work
  • New opportunities to grow
  • Decide if the work and organization are a fit for you

If you don't know your personal brand you may be missing opportunities at work to find more enjoyment and purpose in what you are doing. Even during tumultuous times there are probably tasks that align well with your brand and would provide you with more job satisfaction if only you knew what to look for.

When you know your personal brand you can also look for opportunities to grow and build your brand. Time of great change provide opportunities to learn, grow and develop. 

Knowing your personal brand will also help you to decide if your job is still right for you or not. It'll help you decide if your job and the company is still right for you or if a change is in order. Over time we all change and grow and organizations do as well. Sometimes we grow in different directions and a change is what's best.

When you know your personal brand you can tell the difference between a bad match and natural frustration.  If your job is still a good match for you and your brand, you may find that taking an Energy Leadership Index Assessment will help you gain a new perspective and re-engage with your work. Either way, if you know your personal brand, you know the right path to take.

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