Paralyzing Words Block Personal Success

leadership development personal development soft skills success Jan 18, 2010
Word choice makes a difference your success

I was recently talking with Bob Nicoll, author of Remember the Ice, about the influences of (k)notty words on our lives and how they prevent persons success. For those who are unfamiliar with (k)notty words, a (k)notty words are disempowering words like: can't, don't, won't, try. These words typically bring the opposite of what we truly want into our lives (you can read more about the idea and inspiration for Remember the Ice here).

As we were talking about the power of these (k)notty words, it occurred to me that these words also paralyze us, preventing us from moving forward and being successful. By eliminating (k)notty words from our mind and vocabulary we free up energy to change direction toward what we do want. By focusing on what we DO NOT WANT we fail to give the time, energy and resources to what we DO WANT! Essentially our lives end up paralyzed because there is no defined step forward and so usually we stop. Without a clear focus and vision on where you want to go how can you possibly be successful?

What areas in your life do you use (k)notty words?  Can you see how they influence you, your attitude and success? Can you reframe your sentences to exclude (k)notty words?  Try it out and let us know how you felt about it.

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