Personal Branding: Tony Alessandra on Product Differentiation

business of you personal branding Jun 30, 2011
Personal Branding: Tony Alessandra on Product Differentiation

Tony Alessandra is one of my favorite personal development speakers. He's straight forward and tells it like it is. In this video Tony talks about production differentiation and how important it is. Personal branding is nothing less than differentiating yourself from everyone else who seems, at first, to be just like you. Tony leads off with a great example.  Enjoy this 3 1/2 minute video  

Think about the implications of what Tony is talking about for you, your career and your salary. A brand is distinguishing and carries value. If a company can create a brand for water, differentiating it from tap water and all of the other bottled waters think about how much easier it must be for you to bring out your brand. And the better you are able to communicate your brand the greater your value, the greater the salary that you can command.

Think about it, if companies can make money by differentiating something as simple and common as water how hard can it be to differentiate you? How much higher could your salary be?

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