Success with Word Power: Remember The Ice

leadership development personal development soft skills Jul 13, 2009
Remember the Ice is a story of the power of words to help you achieve success

Would you like to bring more success into your life? What if you could do it simply by changing your word choice? Does that sound too good to be true? Let explore this idea more.

One often overlooked subject in the discussions of success personal development and professional development is the power of word choice. Your choice of words influences both your own thinking as well as everyone you are communicating with. The best discussion I have seen about the importance of word choice comes from Bob Nicoll, author of Remember the Ice and Other Paradigm Shifts.

You can watch Bob introduce the topic and share his story of “Remember the Ice” in this video. The concept is quite simple and you can see powerful results.


You will find there is a lot of research into the power of positive thinking and behaving that this approach supports. You become a more positive person by thinking and speaking in positive terms rather than negative terms. You also get more of what you want because you are communicating what you want, rather than communicating “anything but this”, which is what “not” often implies.

Are you ready to eliminate the word “not” from your vocabulary after hearing this? Try it. Pay attention to how many times a day you use “not” in all of its forms. I have been working at it and it’s harder than it might seem. Ask your family and friends to help you notice when you use the word “not”. Each time you catch yourself, think about how you could rephrase what you are saying “not” about to something that you would like to happen instead.

You can watch some more video that discuss additional topics on Bob’s website by clicking here. To order a copy of Bob’s book (hard copy, ebook, or audio), Remember the Ice, click here. (Note this is an affiliate link from which I may generate a small commission. Thank you for your support). 

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