Where is Your Genius? A Question for Personal Development

personal development Sep 21, 2009
Are you a genius or do you have genius? What's our genius?

Do you have genius or are you a genius?

It's an interesting question, the distinction between possessing and being. Dr. Tony Alessandra in a recent iLearningGlobal Millionaire Mastermind session presented some of his latest work on genius. Below we'll explore this personal development  

In modern times we talk about someone who is a genius. But using genius as a state of being is a relatively recently phenomenon and it's one that undercuts our own sense of self worth and value. Throughout most of history, people referred to others who have genius. In these ways genius is something that can be possessed and everyone can possess it. All you have to do is realize it and apply it.

The Romans believed that when you were born you had a genius that looked over you much like some Christians think of a guardian angel. Your genius was just there, waiting for you to use it when the time was right. Some people realized their genius early in life and were able to apply it with great success. People like Socrates, Plato, Newton, Confucius, Ghandi, Mozart, and many others.

Let's also look at the some of the related root words. Genesis, meaning to begin; genial meaning festive and genie - the magical power that remains hidden in the lamp until called upon to be released!

What does this all mean for you? 

With a shift in perspective about what genius is about, you can realize what your genius is and release it. Rather than define yourself as smart, average or dumb, how would you feel differently if you thought of yourself as a genius?  All you have to do is "rub the lamp and let the genie out!"

If you can see how to make this transformation and start doing it, your life will change in ways you may have no idea about now.

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