Your Infinite Potential, Pt. 2

personal development success May 23, 2009
An empty chair under the spotlight asking what happens when you surrender being the star of your life

Why Be the Star of Your Life?

Last time we discussed how we give up our role as the star of our life. Often times we deliberately do so with the belief that what we are doing is the “right” thing to do. We are giving up something of ourselves to help another in greater need, or is it greater perceived need?

On an airplane we are instructed, in case of the cabin losing pressure, to put on our own oxygen mask first and then to put it on others regardless of weather the others are children in some way having difficulty. Why is this? It is because as and adult, able bodied person we can only help others if we ourselves are strong and healthy.

The same is true with our values and emotions. What is the message you send to your child when you give up everything in order for he or she to go to yet one more activity? Is it that it’s great to be a kid and when you’re grown up you have to give up all of your dreams to take care of someone else? Some of us feel that way. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What if you said, “As a child I had dreams for myself as an adult. I worked hard to get hear and now I deserve to have them and include my loved ones in that success”? Wouldn’t that be inspiring to your child? 

Otherwise, if your child gets the message that his dreams won’t matter anyhow, then why bother with all the work involved with growing up. “Why be good at math, science, language, history, etc. It won’t matter anyhow because I’ll have to give up my interests.” Isn’t the message we want to be sending to others that yes it does matter and yes you should strive to be all you can because it is worth it when you become an adult.

What is the message you tell yourself about yourself when you surrender your role as the star of your life? 

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