Your Infinite Potential, Part 1

personal development success May 13, 2009
Realize your infinite potential and be the star of your life

Are You an Extra or the Star? 

Today’s discussion is inspired by Bob Proctor’s video “Your Infinite Potential” available for free on the personal development site, iLearningGlobal. Bob Proctor’s opening is provocative and deserves some serious consideration. Here is an excerpt:

 …many people go through life never living up to their potential, thinking some people got it and others don’t. I’ve often said that most people are extras in their own movie. They make someone else the star and they never live up to their potential. See, the truth is, there is no one alive can even guess at what you and I are capable of doing.

 There is a pretty powerful and subtle message here that I believe everyone can learn from, regardless of how well-off or confident you are. The question is: Are you living up to your “infinite potential”?

 Let’s start by examining whether you are the star of the movie of your life. There are many ways that we surrender the starring role in our life. As we explore this idea, keep in mind that there are better alternatives than giving up your starring role, you just may not be aware of them.

 For some of us it starts out in childhood when we’re told by parents, friends or our community that what we want to do is not good enough. You can’t make a career out of that. You won’t be able to support a family. You need to take over the family business. Or perhaps you’ve been raised to be generous and selfless. You compromise your well being to help others. There are many ways this can happen including giving up or delaying your dreams so that a spouse or children can realize their dreams. Often times we give away the role over some gesture we believe is “noble”. Culturally, many of us are conditioned to believe that any act in our self interest is selfish and to be ashamed of

 In what areas of your life have you given up the starring role and why?

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